// Happy New Year //


I only have two resolutions for the New Year: be more productive and be honest with myself. Now if I’m being honest, I’m honestly not going to do either.

The fact that I’m doing a New Year’s post on the 21st is a testament to this statement. What can I say? I guess I’m just busy in all the wrong (and right) places. This is another year of finetuning, of learning to balance my lifestyle choices in an equalized manner. School, personal writing, art, friends, family: I realize this a balancing act that I’ll be perfecting for the rest of my days.

Honestly, there are no such things as a purely good years; every one has its ups and downs. It’s when you step back to see them compiled together, that’s when it all begins to make sense. So I try not to put too much emphasis on a single year. In the end, it’s just time bookended by calendar dates. It’s the complete package that matters.

There’s nothing like coming back to your neglected blog, only to find it taken down due to my your own ignorance of bills and punctuality. But hey, this is a clean slate, a fresh start. Happy 2014, etc. And what would I do without my personal outlet? Where would I expel my mental vapors to the wind? So, I should start this year here, on this modest blog, my brains deposit box. Maybe it’ll help me organize my thoughts, or maybe it won’t. I guess we’ll see.

Happy New Year, everyone.